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François Nédélec

by sur avril 4, 2012

Mardi 10 Avril, à 17h  nous accueillons François Nédélec.

Pour préparer la séance:

Loughlin, R., Wilbur, J.D., McNally, F.J., Nedelec, F.J. & Heald, R. (2011) Katanin contributes to interspecies spindle length scaling in Xenopus.  in Cell. 9;147(6):1397-407.

Loughlin, R., Heald, R. & Nedelec, F. (2010) A computational model predicts Xenopus meiotic spindle organization. in  J Cell Biol.  27;191(7):1239-49.

How to build a dynamic meiotic spindle in five easy steps.

François Nédélec

(EMBL Heidelberg, Allemagne)

RÉSUMÉ:  The vertebrate meiotic spindle is routinely studied using extracts prepared from the eggs of Xenopus frogs. In these extracts, thousands of microtubules are nucleated around the chromatin mass, and with time organize into a functional bipolar spindle. Remarkably, at metaphase a spindle can remain essentially unchanged for hours, despite the fact that the individual microtubules from which it is made have a lifetime of one minute. The spindle is thus a steady state assembly of dynamic components. Using simulations, we will introduce the key ingredients necessary to understand spindle dynamics: molecular motors, poleward flux, microtubule dynamic instability, nucleation and depolymerizing enzymes. We will illustrate how these elements are logically linked and then show how they collectively give rise to the metaphase steady state. We will finally present the advantages that such an organization can offer.

Références :

Loughlin R, Wilbur J, McNally F, Nedelec F, Heald R (2011) Katanin contributes to interspecies spindle length scaling in Xenopus in Cell 147:1397-1407

Loughlin R, Heald R and Nedelec F (2010) A computational model predicts xenopus meiotic spindle organization. in Journal of Cell Biology, vol. 191 no. 7 1239-1249;

Petry, S., Pugieux, C., Nedelec, F.J. & Vale, R.D. (2011) Augmin promotes meiotic spindle formation and bipolarity in Xenopus egg extracts. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. Aug 30;108(35):14473-8.

Renshaw, M.J., Ward, J.J., Kanemaki, M., Natsume, K., Nedelec, F.J. & Tanaka, T.U. (2010) Condensins promote chromosome recoiling during early anaphase to complete sister chromatid separation. in Dev Cell. Aug 17;19(2):232-44.


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